Sunday, May 22, 2011

Writing your elected officials about Afghanistan

Our President, Senators, and Representatives in DC need to know that we don't want them to throw away the hard fought progress our troops have fought and died for over the last year! We're finally, belatedly, close to victory. Don't let politics throw it away.

I use but there are other sites that do the same thing. Find one you like. Free account creation. Then in just a few clicks you can send a single note to all of your elected officials, state or federal. They'll also send you emails whenever your representatives vote, if you want. That can be quite educational. It's easy.

Here's the letter I just sent:

I'm writing to urge you to allow the Generals in Afghanistan to determine the pace of troop withdrawals.

It is critical as we decide how many troops to withdraw from Afghanistan this summer, that we do not jeopardize the hard won gains achieved in the last year from the surge.

Nothing could be worse than throwing away the progress our troops have died for. We must not leave Afghanistan until the job is done; that job being to ensure the Taliban can never return to power and host terrorist groups. We are finally, belatedly, reaching that goal. We need to FINISH THE JOB, not ruin it at the end.

The Generals are in the best position to determine the pace that still allows us to achieve our goals.

-Card-Carrying American

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